Honest and Straightforward

Sarah was our agent when selling a home. She impressed us with her very first email and every interaction up to and at closing. She knew the market and value of the home and it sold a little over full listing price. She explained to us what was going to happen and what was happening and everything proceeded accordingly. Her knowledge of accepting well-written contracts with deadlines in our best interest proved extremely helpful. Sarah was negotiating for us even when we didn't realize it. She is very connected in the community and has resources that we used and consulted. She is honest, straightforward, and went the extra mile to ensure our house had the fullest potential to sell while meeting our ultimate needs.

Can't go wrong with Sarah

Sarah is so professional, honest, and hard working! She was our agent when buying our home, and worked so hard to get us what we wanted. She was amazing at talking me off the ledge a few times, and my voice of reason when things seemed to be heading in the wrong direction. She would always provide the facts, answer questions that I wasn't clear on, and if she didn't know the answer, man was she quick to find someone that did! You cannot go wrong with Sarah if you are looking for a realtor!

Her advice is Priceless

My wife and I began the search for a home, a few months ago. Sarah, right out of the gate was on top of it. We looked at house, after house. Our price range was a little bit difficult to work around, considering our needs and wants in a home. But, in the end, Sarah helped us find exactly what we needed. She was with us the every step of the way. From recommending inspections professionals and helping us understand how the home buying process works. Right up until closing, and beyond. Sarah, went to battle for us with a very, to put it mildly 'difficult' selling agent. And when it started to go south, she stood by us and wasn't at all phased when we decided to back out. She moved quickly, and helped us find the right home to purchase. Her advice is priceless. Sarah, is exceptionally intuitive and never once, let us down. If your looking to buy or sell a home, I highly recommend working with her.

Strong Communication and Negotiation Skills

I've retained Sarah as my realtor twice now. She was amazingly supportive throughout the process of selling my home several years ago, and when I was finally ready to buy another home this year, I knew she would be extremely capable of helping me navigate Denver's competitive market. It turned out that I was able to find and go under contract on an amazing house right out the gate, and Sarah's strong communication and negotiation skills helped the entire process go smoothly. She also has a great network, and her referrals for a mortgage broker and home inspector connected me with other solid professionals who share her high degree of professionalism and excellence in customer service. I will continue to refer people to Sarah, as I'm confident that she keeps her client's best interests in mind.

Out of this World!

Sarah is the best Realtor you could ask for. If you want someone who will work their tail off for you. Sarah will do it. Sarah was extremely professional and always communicated with us through the entire process. By the time we closed, I felt like I had gained a friend also. If we had questions, Sarah took the time to explain and answer all of our questions. I cannot thank Sarah enough for making this process as easy as possible for us. I was a nervous wreck through the entire process and Sarah was great with me.

Sarah's Approach is Refreshing and Authentic

Sarah's approach to working with her clients is refreshing, authentic, comprehensive, and informed. She helped us navigate the process from start to finish and was available around the clock to answer questions. She advocated for our family's needs and helped us make informed choices along the way. We highly recommend using Sarah the next time you are buying and/or selling a home.

Sarah exceeds all expectations

I will start by saying that Sarah exceeds all expectations. My wife and I are new to Colorado. Sarah is a native of the area which lends a depth of knowledge that is invaluable. Her follow-up to emails and questions is nothing short of immediate. Sarah also has an innate ability to “listen” to you and really help narrow your search. Bottom line; Sarah will provide a high level of experience, coupled with hard-to-find professionalism. OUTSTANDING!

Excellent Communication- Compassionate Individual

I had never purchased or sold a home before. I knew Sarah from a long-standing incredible business working relationship in her previous employment. So when I got ready to navigate these uncharted waters I turned to someone whose professional integrity I trusted, Sarah Scott.

Sarah handles all aspects of a sale with excellent communication between other relators and the seller. Not only is she knowledgable, but she is also a compassionate individual who takes her clients seriously and cares about them on a personal level. I cannot imagine working with anyone else.

So Much Energy and Enthusiasm

We were beyond happy with the service we received from Sarah. She put so much energy and enthusiasm into selling our property it felt like we were the only clients she had. She responded promptly to any questions we had by phone or text. This had not been our experience with realtors in the past. The best part of her service was that she got us offers over 60% of our list price and we sold our property in 2 days! Besides her knowledge of handling the entire transaction, Sarah was delightful and fun to work with.
We would recommend her highly to anyone considering selling their property.

Professional, Friendly and Knowledgeable.

Sarah is extremely helpful, professional, friendly, and knowledgeable! Everything you could want in a Realtor.